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I cannot remember when my love for the Highlanders first began. Being brought up on a dairy farm, I had been surrounded by cows all my life but the Holsteins had never made an impression on me compared to the two Highlanders we got when I was 18. Dorieann Proiseil of Cnoc and Jasmine 1st of Cim arrived after I had started university in Manchester so I didn't really see very much of them at first, but when the show season started I was on my long summer holiday and was able to get involved.

From the first show we went to I was hooked, when I got used to getting up at 6am that is! The whole experience of showing, with everyone there working so hard to get the best out of their animals and promoting the breed was amazing. The fun of not just competing but actually taking part and working alongside everyone else was a real inspiration. I realised that the Highlanders would be a big part of my life from then on; I had been bitten by the bug! As time went on and we got more and more Highlanders on the farm I got more and more involved. I have one particular cow, Lucy, who is my special pet; she comes running up when I call and is as tame as a puppy. I think this might be why I love them so much - they have so much character and personality.

Laura with Annag Ruadh Of Thaggnam - 3rd

Laura with Annag Ruadh Of Thaggnam - 3rd
I first went up to Oban show and sale in October 2003, slightly reluctant, as a weekend away with the parents was not my choice of good time! Yet I thoroughly enjoyed myself; it was nice to meet so many new people all of whom were friendly and even though I am only 20 I found the social side, even with my mum and dad, great fun! When I went up in February, I had some money to spend and this was when I bought my first cow, Nicki of Balure, a three year old heifer. The excitement of the auction just got to me and I couldn't stop myself!

I now have my own registered fold; Lilygreen, and though there is just one cow now, I hope to build it up as much as I can when I finish my nursing degree. I wish there were more young people involved as it would help to ensure the continuing interest in promotion of the breed; and it would be nice to meet like-minded people of my own age; so come on members, encourage the youth!

Laura Phillip

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