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Highland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattle
As the fold has grown to around 100 breeding cows, we need to have several bulls to keep them all happy. With this in mind, and to try different blood lines and colours, we have several bulls of different ages and colours. They are available to hire.

We can deliver to most parts of the North of England, but if it is not practical for you to have a bull on your own premises, we can take cows or heifers in, to run with the Bulls at Hellifield.
Name and Registration No.   Mouse over image to enlarge
Domhull Of Sheardrum
UK 544402-400006
DOB 03.01.08
New Stock Bull
Highland Cattle - Domhull Of Sheardrum
UK 561310-300270
DOB 17-07-06
Highland Cattle
MACLEAN OF ALLANFEARN UK 509374-600001 DOB 22-04-11 Highland Cattle - MACLEAN OF ALLANFEARN
Highland cattle "Hello"
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