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Highland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattleHighland cattle
January 2017
1st A good start to the year as one of our steers dies of pneumonia.  
2nd Had a very enjoyable afternoon as we hammer Rotherham 3-0 eventually.  
Bull Calf
4th ?  
5th Ross took 7 of his cows for slaughter. Weighed and dosed all the animals inside at home with “Virbamec Super”.  
6th Ross brought another 2 cows from Lancaster auction mart.  
7th Did some more of the VAT.
Bull Calf
Heifer Calf
9th Cleaned the calf building out.  
10th Ross Greenwood had a large load of cows going for slaughter (32), it seems crazy that his cows are going to Sturminster in Dorset for slaughter, then the wagon loads up again the next day to bring a load back for slaughter to Sawley 7 miles from us !!!!. Andy cleans the building out at Wenningber. I fix a sliding door into the handling system. A truck arrives with a load of feed buckets with no warning, so when I told the driver the Manitou wasn’t here and he would have to unload them by hand he drove off in a huff.
Ross Greenwood brought 8 cows from Carlisle auction mart. We brought some steers down from Wenningber and clipped them and took them back. Fluke and wormed the last pen of steers at home after weighing them.
11th Ross Greenwood brought 4 cows from Brock auction mart. Andy and I had to go and get 7 steers that had strayed into a neighbours field at Malham, it actually worked out well as they wanted to come home anyway, after moving some animals about at Wenningber we managed to fit them in the cubicles there. Collected some beef from Stanforth’s.  
12th Had very busy afternoon as I was installed as Worshipful Master of Castleberg Lodge 2091. The tractor developed a blockage in the fuel line just managed to get it to Townson’s before it stopped. Storth Machinery came and replaced 3 corner pulley’s on the automatic scraper’s. The truck returned with the buckets at an arranged time after a phone call, amazing what planning can do.  
13th Attended the funeral of my Aunty Betty who had died at the age of 84. It seems a bit strange The last time she went out was to my Dad’s Funeral in December. Had an excellent evening as we thrashed Derby 1-0 the score might not reflect it but we were brilliant, strange but true. Ross Greenwood took 4 cows to slaughter and bought 2 more from Lancaster auction.  
14th The automatic scraper in Caygills side of the cubicles didn’t seem to want to work, So I called in my electrician “Nod” but he couldn’t find the problem so I had to scrape out with the tractor. Did a bit more on the VAT.  
15th Had a visit from a young family who were besotted with Highland Cattle (well the Mum was), They took loads of pictures and managed to get close to the ones we had inside. They are hoping to come back in the summer when we have some calves and the weather is a bit better. Jake Stasiker brought Ardbeg of Hellifield back from Tosside where he has been looking after his 2 cows. Some how the door to the cubicles had come open and 2 lots of cows had got mixed up, Typical Sunday morning. Finished feeding the potato’s to Ross’s cows.  
16th Dosed all the animals at Wenningber with “Virbamec Super” for fluke and worms. Clipped and dosed the X cows in the cubicles at home.  
17th Neil the vet came and PD’d the cows at home and on the Moor, He also TB tested some of Andy’s animals. We weaned the last 3 calves off their mothers and put them inside. We then took the cows on to Highside.  
18th Took some Tithebarn buckets for the cows on Highside and for the heifers at Malham. The mist descended while I was on Highside so I couldn’t see the cows at all, by the time I had got to Malham it had cleared a bit, but I still couldn’t fine all the animals up there. While I was up their the trailer decided to fall apart so Andy had to come and collect it with the cow trailer. Took bales out for the cows on the moor and at the back of the buildings at home.  
19th Nod came and replaced the faulty part on the scraper motor but it still didn’t want to work so I had to replace one of the hooks which fastens the chain to the scraper blade and then we had it back working.  
20th Neil returned to look at andy’s animals for the TB test and they were all ok. Collected some meat from Stanforth’s. Finished the VAT. Washed the trailer out. Took a bale onto the moor and discovered the heifers on the top moor had gone missing, they had got into our neighbours field even though the gates were closed !!!!.  
21st Had to bring one of the bulls in as it had got tangled up in some barbed wire, after untangling it I decided to leave it and another one inside as there are another 2 bulls coming home in the next couple of days. James and I went to Barnsley where we have had some bad experiences and we had another one though not as bad as the last two, we only lost by the odd goal.  
22nd David Williams brought Singleton of Hellifield back from the Lake District where he had been looking his 5 cows.  
23rd Took a bale onto the moor. R & R Newhouse brought an artic load of straw, as I was taking the last few bales off had a puncture, I managed to get to Townson’s before it went flat, they had to put on one of our old tyres as there was a large split in one that was going down, but they can send it away to get fixed as it is a new tyre. Cleaned the old top shippon out.  
24th I went down into Derbyshire to collect Uallach Ruadh 2nd of Pollock where he has been attending to 5 cows. Ross Brought 6 more cows. Jonathon Caygill PD’d some of his heifers and took some away and brought some more in place of them.  
25th Andy, Jack and I went onto Highside and brought 10 cows home ready for TB testing along with 5 that already at home, They are all going to the Isle of Man next week, weather permitting. Neil came and did the TB test which will be read on Saturday. Fell out with Defra,s phone system, it is obviously designed to wind people up and make them annoyed. We dosed the rest of the cows on Highside with “Trodax” for liver fluke. I managed to jump off a fence in the pen and twist my ankle as I fell flat on my back in all the s***, Dammed annoying. James and I went and saw another victory this time over Nottingham Forest. Souleymane Doukara scored one of the best goals I have seen for many years a stunning volley with his first touch after coming on as a substitute.  
26th The ankle was swollen up today but with some strapping on it wasn’t to bad. Cleaned the silo building out.  
27th Took some bales out. Delivered some Highland Beef Pastrami to Town End farm shop in Airton. Spent the afternoon at the Installation at Craven Lodge No 810.  
28th Cleaned the two calving boxes out. Neil came to read the TB tests on the animals that are destined for the Isle Of Man. Sam Wigglesworth came to collect his 2 cows that have been with Fingal of the Horn.  
29th Went to Co Durham to do a fieldman’s visit for the Highland Cattle Society. Returned home while Listening to the commentary of the debacle at Sutton United, Why do managers think that the fans don’t care about the teams they put out. We want to win games in whatever competition, Gary Monk has a great job but on this occasion even if we had won he got it WRONG!  
30th Did a bit of administration work before going to Brighouse to buy 2 Highland cows with 2 Limousin x steer calves at foot.  
Heifer Calf
31st My ankle is still giving me a bit of pain, I should be resting it !!!!. Neil came to fill in all the paper work for the animals that are going to the Isle of Man tonight he also PD’d the 2 cows I bought yesterday before I took them onto the moor. The wagon finally arrived for the cows at 10.00pm, they loaded well and set off for the 2.00am ferry.  
Highland cattle "Hello"

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